Ending gas dependency

DROO was awarded the FAIRE 2022 research grant for our “Stealth chimneys”. In the chaotic beauty of Parisian roofscapes, our proposal aims at collaboratively accompanying households in their transition away from their dependence on gas. Our research will focus on new types of infrastructure to support the installation of alternative clean technologies within the complex historical context of Paris and the co-ownership models throughout the city.
Our research will be tackling questions such as; 
How to anticipate the uncontrolled aggregation of outdoor units and the regrettable but predictable aggregation of air-conditioning systems? How can we facilitate a household-by-household transition within the financial and organisational limits of co-ownerships? How do we accompany the energy transition without the adhoc disfiguration of facades, creating noise pollution or accumulating hot and stale air in cramped spaces?  A big thankyou to the Jury, the City of Paris team, Emmanuel Grégoire and director of the Pavilion d’Arsenalalexandre Labasse, for their support in selecting our team to carry out this crucial research into the next chapter of our co-generation futures.