DROO - Da Costa Mahindroo Architects

Floating fields

Zero waste.

Architectural gesture are often expensive, materially expensive. Our approach in reducing waste was here driven by a better use of the cutting patterns. Achieving near zero waist is possible by the very organic nature of the topographic fields. 

The temporary cafe for the Architectural Foundation was defined by two contoured surfaces. One soft defining swarthy functions, such as seating, reading and eating whilst the other above was opalescent. The cloudy ceiling as to act as a media interface from simple lighting feature to interactive screen. Additional to these was our approach minimizing expense to maximum effect. Exuberance paid off by real life economy of means which in this case material choice and economy. Help by the organic forms, our parameter based design was using maximum of each sheet nearing zero waist. The leftover of one contour line “hill” moved to another with the peripheral elements combined into the bar. Both surfaces were made of affordable material with the ethereal roof in construction site protection sheets and lower one of reclaimed carpet. In our view the craft gave the quality back to modest materials.

This accumulation in turn given rise to ephemeral effects. 

The floating platforms create a mathematical green garden for the 100% Design event, a light topographic figure on a field of thin columns. The field is a magical light box of evocative reflections and changing projections that converge to give unique perceptual and brand quality. Different service areas, a lounge area and circulation translated as points of intensity offer different arrangements of structure, landscape and dining tables for large groups, smaller groups or private discussions.

 DROO - Da Costa Mahindroo Architects