DROO - Da Costa Mahindroo Architects

Fractal Tree

The Fractal Tree is the manifestation of geometrical play stemming from the growth logic of tree branches. Operating as a city sculpture and a sustainable device, the timber structure transforms itself and its environment over the course of the day.

Both metaphor and abstraction of its natural source, DROO’s fractal tree is an active abstraction stemming from the growth logic and recycling mechanic of nature. Crafted by advanced manufacturing, it is simultaneously prototypical urban shading and a water/vegetation collector device as well as a powerful evocation of the need for innovation associated with responsibility. The delicate complexity of the tree stems from its nested geometry principle elevating simple engineered wood to sculptural quality. Conceived as a waste free design, the pieces make use of the entire plywood sheets. Structurally working as a self-supporting lattice, the fractal inspired form creates diverse load routes within its branches. The fine structural balance has each branch working in unison to produce the striking volume out of the thinnest of materials. Working with Green Factory the installation mimics its moss aggregating principle with grooves carved within the branches bringing water to intensity points for vegetation to grow. The rational logic of form and structure becomes alive with seeds spurring on its branches.