DROO - Da Costa Mahindroo Architects

Growing Within

We try to design to exemplify in its richest way the ability to use new technologies to re-think how to better our built environment, how to use less material, build with better materials, prolong the life our buildings and cities and aim always to reduce our footprint right down to the typological decisions we make which influence our physical and mental health, push for a healthier density and promote community. These ideas have been driving our processes so that we look for ways to continuously reuse and recycle and develop ways to live and work together for generations to come. We want to leave the best of what we build for future generations.


Growth within the grown 

Our practice work echos our continuing our quest into the growth of grown grounds explored in Academic works, notably at the AA, Architectural Association. There and in our projects, our fields of exploration is often the historical European city, these enduring metropolises and geopolitical territorial pieces, which display evolving constraints conflicting with physical restrictions. Beyond iconic differences, they are each a test grounds for the implacable accumulation inherent to urban settings. A testament to the enduring generative qualities of density – be it political or physical – maintaining continuous appeal in a manner somewhat absent from current burgeoning conditions. Our lab-cities have long been in self-imposed overload and in mastered a constant need for reinvention.

In this text setting the studio agenda, we look at into introverted growth, or evolution within culturally and physically dense conditions. 



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