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New definitions of Growth.

In a recent interview I was asked ‘how we continue to challenge our design thinking and if we had ever deliberately tried to change the way we work?’ In short the answer was yes, but it was a challenging question. As a sense of urgency surrounds us, whether it be climatic, social, economic or political one of the most important questions we have been asking ourselves repeatedly over the last decade is on ‘growth’. Our society is premised on this need for moving in a direction and for the better part of the 20th and early 21st century this has been based on ‘more’.

For the past decade we have been seeking answers on how to grow in a more cyclical way, by building and reinventing with what we have. This astute understanding informs our work, which regardless of typology or location is informed by an over arching philosophy to lengthen the life of existing structures by giving them the opportunity to evolve to future uses and audiences. We’ve been solicited for and continue to work in conservation, not as historic architects but as contemporary architects trying to create new chapters in the life of existing buildings and developing them like strata in dialogue with their past and their future. It is liberating to know that our works whilst whole are never complete and remain open to future generations to continue writing them.

Amrita Mahindroo

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DROO Architects - Fulham Town Hall DROO Architects – Fulham Town Hall