DROO - Da Costa Mahindroo Architects

Treehouses in house of trees

Through contemporary re-writing of the primative ‘hut’ the house in its simplest and most recognizable expression becomes the founding element of our proposal. Seeking out ways to create a sense of Individuality within the collective housing that for reasons of economy of scale often results in the loss of social appropriation. Our treehouses within the house of trees aims to counter this alienation.

This first “form” allows us to modulate the project to its urban landscape and creates an innovative aggregation of ‘units’ into an architectural expression. The dwellings are shared between two buildings: one anchored to the street and its corner and the other structuring the new garden in the core of the plot. In a coherent whole, the project proposes a distinct and contextual urban re-writing of the aggregate roofscapes of Baleniare Architecture in Normandy, open and spacious housing, unique family typologies and large landscaped spaces.

The project envisages the timber construction paradigm in its absolute form being both material and symbol. The carved monolith is solely made of engineered timber used simultaneously as structure, cladding and finish. Taking on the local tradition of turn of the century eclectic architecture, the project uses a double facade to create crafted relief out of single material.

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