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What are the igloos made of?

We have worked for Santa Claus. 

That is the way our client to be introduced himself; I represent Santa Claus. Lapland it turns out is a fascinating place to visit beyond the December celebratory frenzy and the project was mainly to be dedicated to winter wonders and winter sports: An Arctic Resort.

Conversationally, the Arctic Circle is an infinitely challenging environment with a very limited timeframe to build in before soils harden and temperatures drop. The project had to be though as an off-site fabrication allowing quick assembling on site. Foundations were limited, as it would talk a two years cycle; first the excavation and preparation, then pouring of concrete on the following summer to ensure enough dry weather for it to set. Nevertheless, we wanted to capture the fragile beauty of the land by an equally delicate woven timber structure for the main site.



But coming to Igloos. A secondary site was to be dedicated to experiencing the beauty of the northern lights from within the comfort of a reinvented igloo. We wanted to take avantage of the the shell principle combining our interest in geometry, material and production all in one finite and easily to assemble object. 

Our igloos were screw less self-supporting geodesic shells made of a double layer of interlocking engineered wood protected by a single ply ETFE membrane; For a good night in the woods.

DROO - Da Costa Mahindroo Architects

DROO - Da Costa Mahindroo ArchitectsDROO - Da Costa Mahindroo Architects